luni, 19 iulie 2010

Damon and Elena-Their Story

Once upon a time it was a girl named Elena.She was living in Mystic Falls.
On 13th May ,her parents died so she and her brother,Jeremy,had to support the pain.
The school year started.Elena and her girlfriend were fascinated by a new boy.His name was Stefan.Stefan was a vampire.He had a brother named Damon.Damon was doing his job,vampire job. Damon wanted to kill Elena,so between him and Stefan started a rivarly!
200 years ago,was a girl named Katherine. And Elena was like her twin! And this is why Stefan falled in love with her!
Damon wanted to look for Katherine,because she,being a vampire,was alive!
And 200 years ago,the people from Mystic Falls finded out about the vampires from the town and they chased all the vampires including Katherine!
But before Katherine was chased,she turned Stefan and Damon into vampires!
Well,the people from Mystic Falls closed all the vampires in town in a grave!
And Damon wanted to open it for Katherine!He opened it and he finded out from Katherine's best friend,Miss Pearl,cause Katherine isn't in the grave!
And after he looked for Katherine a while,he falled in love with Elena!



I love "The Vampire Diaries" so I decided to make a blog about this serial!